TALBreakout 1.0

Free Turn any PC or Laptop with two serial ports into a serial breakout box
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TALBreakout! software is a powerful serial diagnostics tool to allow the user to easily debug 2-way serial communications.
Turn any PC or Laptop with two serial ports into a serial breakout box (serial line analyzer).
Snoop in on data that is sent or received through an RS232 serial cable between any two devices or computers.
This is an excellent tool for diagnosing serial communications problems as well as for figuring out what is being sent and received between two devices.
This program can also be used as a simple terminal to display data received on a single serial port. It is designed for Windows.
If you need to see what is being sent to a device from a PC serial port or what is being sent to a serial port from a device TALBreakout! will do this.
It can also diagnose the communications between 2 serial devices – such as a scale and a printer.
Run TALBreakout! and it will show you every character that is being sent or received over the serial line – including every binary, hex or ASCII character.
It will also count characters and allow you to analyze the structure of the data. And Breakout! is completely FREE.



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